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Skills Your Child Can Learn in a Full Day Child Care Center

Full Day Child Care
Most parents enroll their child in a full day child care center to have someone look after them while they work. This is a common scenario, especially since expenses are skyrocketing these days. While most parents don’t send their child to a daycare center for other reasons, it is good to know that these centers actually help in the child’s development in various ways.

Social Skills

Enrolling a child in a daycare center can help develop his or her social skills. Why? Because he or she would get to interact with children in the same age group. The rules set by the caregiver or teacher can help discipline the child, too. He or she will learn how to behave in a socially acceptable way and communicate with other children properly. This way, he or she will also learn to make new friends.

Communication Skills

There are a lot of activities in various child care programs that provide children with opportunities to express themselves verbally and listen to their peers. Teachers and caregivers may read them stories to enhance their vocabulary. There are also informal ways they can do to help develop a child’s communication skills, such as singing nursery rhymes and having group conversations.

Motor Skills

Aside from communication skills, activities in a child care center can also help improve a child’s motor skills. They may help develop a child’s fine motor skills by asking them to paint, draw, or do simple activities. They may also help them develop their gross motor skills by doing activities that involve jumping or running, such as playing in a playground or a jungle gym.

When you enroll your child in a full day child care center, you are sure to get your money’s worth because they provide more than childcare. Danny's Day Care in Pittsburg, CA has various child care programs that would help your child develop his or her skills. You just have to find the right program for your child’s age and personal development.


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